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Welcome to the Northeast Corner Herb Farm. We offer you our gardening advice, cooking and harvesting tips, recipes, and a chance to wander through our gardens.

All of the products in our catalogue are hand made right here at the farm. Enjoy your visit and stay as long as you like.

            About the Farm

Down a dusty dirt road that winds to its end in the Lower Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, lies a place that many visitors have called "A little bit of heaven".

In 1987, Richard and Penny Sandora quit the rat race of corporate jobs to establish their working, organic farm.

In the years since, they have proven that two people, working alone, can convert two acres of woodlot into a small but thriving business.

Winding pathways, raised beds, birdsong and a broad range of native plants are just a few highlights of their garden.

They pride themselves on the quality of their gourmet products (including our famous Garlicious Grind Seasoning!),

which are all made on site at the farm from the best of ingredients and Penny's original recipes.

Their Herbal Braids and other edible kitchen decorations are woven from the finest organically grown herbs, garlic and chilies.






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